Amni Soul Eco textile technology

What if the path towards more sustainable, ethical and innovative fashion hung by a thread? With its new fibre made from a blend of new-generation polyamide 6.6, Fulgar and the Rhodia Solvay group are planning to develop fabrics and materials that can decompose very quickly, especially when they are thrown away or abandoned in nature.…

Intertextile Shanghai – September 2019

Our international team welcome you to Intertextile Shanghai Fair, from Wednesday, September 25th to Friday, September 27th, 2019 We invite you to discover: OUR TRENDBOOKS & ONLINE SERVICES – The new Spring-Summer 2021 and the Autumn-Winter Season 20/21. – Our complementary trend services. CONSULTING – Market Intelligence / Branding / Creation / Communication / Development…

New fibres based on food waste

Transforming food waste into fabrics and fibres? This is the booming textile trend that is currently revolutionising the fashion industry, whose toxic environmental impact is being criticised a little bit more each day. We take a closer look at these exceptional materials with extraordinary properties.

When the fashion industry advocates slow fashion

The war against fast fashion has officially begun. The latest revelation to date: the enactment of the “Fashion Pact”, produced by François-Henri Pinault and supported by over 140 signatories. Consuming sustainable fashion without a negative impact on the environment is the determined battle now being fought by the top players in the textile industry.