Comfort as the new luxury

Nowadays the question of comfort seems to be at the heart of designers’ preoccupations. Freeing the body from all shackles, using high-tech materials that are more flowing than ever, creating airy volumes with daring cuts, etc., designers are creating essential pieces with a something of a futuristic look.

Thermore’s new Ecodown Fibers Marble fibre

A revolutionary insulating fibre that gives every garment created a unique and singular appearance? This is the technological feat just realised by the textile manufacturer Thermore with the launch of Ecodown Fibers Marble, a fabric with multiple properties that could lastingly change our concept of thermal insulation.

Heytea’s zen store in China

The Heytea concept is currently taking China’s tea lovers by storm. Like its competitor Starbucks, Heytea offers take-away teas with an incomparable flavour. Served by the chain in large tumblers, ‘cheese teas’ are teas covered in a layer of fromage frais. To welcome its many customers and uphold to its high-quality brand image, Heytea creates unique…