Window displays given pride of place by Studio Viaduct

After the widespread closures due to the pandemic, a number of stores are attempting to renew their selections and offer clever new ideas so that customers continue to desire, dream and shop despite the current context. In Copenhagen, Studio Viaduct has invited six artists and brands to take over the design of six window displays that can be seen from the street and are closed to the public.

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Already having been turned upside down and in major flux, the fashion world has seen its standards shift over the past few seasons, with the global Covid outbreak only accentuating these fundamental questions, namely the date and format of the presentations of the collections, or even the pertinence of fashion weeks…

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New Antonia flagship store in Hong Kong.

After this complex period with coronavirus and the demonstrations beforehand, Hong Kong is finally getting back to normal everyday life. The best indicator of this return to normal is still, as always, the retail trade. We find an example here with the opening of the new Antonia store.

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Cottagecore, a new aesthetic where nature prevails

The internet has been the stage for the emergence of several aesthetics trends, and most of them actually end up becoming guides for the development of food, beauty, fashion and design products. During the first trimester of 2020, a specific aesthetic has gained numerous adepts: The Cottagecore.

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Cordura®’s new Combat Wool fabric

A versatile fabric that offers the look, comfort and feel of 100% merino wool but also boasts in-built durability? This is the feat achieved by Cordura®, presenting its new product, Cordura® Combat Wool, which is as luxurious as it is environmentally friendly.

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Ouate Paris, the must-have kids’ skincare brand

The booming natural skincare market is not exclusively dedicated to the women’s sector. For some time now, we have noticed that the number of skincare brands for kids is continuing to grow. Discover one of them – Ouate Paris, the new French skincare brand we love dedicated to children.

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