Seoul, the new retail destination

The country’s creative energy is reminiscent of Japan twenty years ago. This is a market whose importance and sophistication are exponentially increasing in many areas, especially technologies, fashion, music, architecture and design. A new market has thus opened up for European luxury brands, which are gradually setting up huge flagship stores, attempting to win over this new market with their entire brand worlds.

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Elisey Argirov, First Prize 2019 Young Talent Contest – Mode Estah

Japanism was the theme of the ninth Young Talent contest organised by the fashion school ModeEstah, which every year gives budding young designers the opportunity to reveal their talent. A competition open to all fashion enthusiasts without any prior training, which young Elisey Argirov won hands down with an artistic project inspired by the delicate art of origami and the fabulous work of the Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

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The craze for beauty Advent calendars

Advent calendars with a chocolate each day are a tradition we love to enjoy each December. What if 2019 was the start of a new tradition? Say goodbye to enjoying a little treat each day; now it’s all about beauty surprises, the perfect way to start the new year with a flawless complexion.

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Casa A12: a colourful duplex

The Spanish studio Lucas y Hernandez-Gil, founded by Cristina Domínguez Lucas and Fernando Hernández-Gil, has finished renovating a duplex house in Madrid, named Casa A12. The project consisted in bringing light into a space that was originally very dark. Through the playful use of colour, the studio has also transformed the house into a place with a fun and happy atmosphere.

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Sun Lee's paper clothing

Inherited from Korean tradition, Sun Lee’s paper clothing collection surprisingly pushes back the boundaries of the ready-to-wear industry in terms of sustainable development.

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