The future of shopping is in physical stores

Even though the world is hyper-connected, technological progress is in full swing and e-commerce increasingly presents new gadgets to incite consumers to buy, physical points of sale remain the key commercial tool. Even labels that were launched in the digital arena, such as Sézane, are choosing at a certain stage of their growth to open brick-and-mortar stores. Even the giant Amazon is planning to open stores in Europe after testing the concept in the United States.

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PROMOSTYL’s report on Stockholm Design Week

The latest edition of Design Week was held in Stockholm from 3 to 9 February 2020. On the programme this year were responsible design, pop-ups in restaurants and former military bases, a recreated artist’s studio, and a dash of feminism and fantasy.

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These dual-faceted boutiques

The highest number of architectural concepts are tested in Asia. Clients are attempting to better understand the sometimes confusing offering presented to them. The infrastructures put in place are aimed at a luxury clientele always on the hunt for novelty, surprise and innovation. In Japan and China, we have seen two double-faceted boutiques playing on both a Baroque side and an ultra-minimalist side. The question is knowing how to choose your camp.

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Portrait of Studio Unravel

Behind a host of concept stores, boutiques and coffee shops in Korea, the creative architecture studio Unravel is in the habit of designing offbeat conceptual spaces with contrasting materials in minimalist lines.

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Darial concept store in Barcelona by Djaba Diassamidze

Parisian couturier Djaba Diassamidze’s foray into designing a concept store has given rise to a singular setting. Right at the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhood, he has taken over 1,500 m2 in a 19th-century building Casa Tomàs Roger. We find his collection along with a selection of objets d’art, a brasserie, a bookshop and furniture.

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Is pink still in the picture for retail?

While pink is the most sought-after colour on Instagram and social media, over the past few years we have seen a host of shops, museums, restaurants and other coffee shops entirely in pink adopt the bubble gum shade in every possible style and variation. Is it still possible to create new all-pink retail concepts nowadays?

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Lanvin returns to centre stage with a new image and store

After a long and tumultuous period during which creative director Alber Elbaz was replaced at Lanvin, the brand is slowly bouncing back and returning to the forefront of the international stage. Bruno Sialelli’s arrival as creative director of the oldest French couture house was already warmly welcomed early last year and seems to have given the house a solid new start. Sialelli’s next winter collection was presented to critical acclaim, and Lanvin is also moving up a gear when it comes to its stores.

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Retail space flexibility while respecting resources

We currently live in a constantly changing and moving digital world in which brands never stop communicating about and rethinking their offering. As such, retailers must rework the rhythm of their stores, like by hosting temporary installations and events, without devoting new resources and materials to each staging…

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Window displays take a new turn

Previously a sign of significance and space on the street, demonstrating all the brand’s importance and image, window displays have changed a great deal nowadays. A closer look at these window displays chosen by PROMOSTYL.

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