The Prestige hotel, mixing Victorian architecture and tropical style

Tropical style is not often associated with Victorian architecture, yet Penang in Malaysia and its sunny capital George Town are home to The Prestige hotel, a magical and modern interpretation of traditional Victorian design. Located alongside sumptuous 19th-century English colonial buildings, all listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the 162-room hotel is reminiscent of a revisited Victorian tropical Eden.

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Dyce: Zahra Khan’s new shop that is firing up Instagram

After opening her first cafe, Feya, Zahra Khan followed up by opening her new space this summer: Dyce. The chef’s ice creams and other desserts can be enjoyed in a fun space in pop colours… The perfect recipe to give the eyes and taste buds a unique experience!

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Annakiki’s futuristic new concept store

Anna Yang, the founder of the Chinese brand Annakiki, has chosen the city of Chongqing to set up her brand new concept store. Created by Joy Season Studio, the interior design combines minimalism and graphic touches to produce a space that reflects Annakiki’s DNA.

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Otherworld, the first virtual reality gaming bar in London

A new virtual reality bar has recently made an appearance in London. Conceived by the architecture studio The Dream Corporation and designed by the Red Deer architectural group, the Otherworld arcade invites its visitors to enjoy an exceptional experience at the cutting edge of technology, echoing the “Gameplay” concept – LOUD Theme in the SS21 Digital Design Report.

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Heytea’s zen store in China

The Heytea concept is currently taking China’s tea lovers by storm. Like its competitor Starbucks, Heytea offers take-away teas with an incomparable flavour. Served by the chain in large tumblers, ‘cheese teas’ are teas covered in a layer of fromage frais. To welcome its many customers and uphold to its high-quality brand image, Heytea creates unique design boutiques that are as zen as they are fun. In Xiamen, Heytea has just opened a new store inspired by ‘shanshui’, traditional Chinese paintings.

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A new futuristic and fun concept store for children’s book publisher, Rubio

In Valencia, Spain, Masquespacio creative consultancy has unveiled a brand new concept store for the famous publisher of educational books, Rubio. In a fun, futuristic style evoked by the “Quirky Wonderland” concept – the LOUD theme of the SS21 Design Digital Study, the store offers the opportunity for young and old alike to discover books in a new way, thanks to new technologies.

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Yakafu, the DIY bakery

The Chinese design studio KCA has created a brand new bakery concept in Shanghai where the customer can buy their bread at the same time as learning how to cook in a graphic, colourful and highly Instagrammable decor. This project falls within a general trend for innovation in China, which is looking to become an opinion leader in the design sector.

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Between dream and reality: Alexis Christodoulou’s 3D architecture

Alexis Christodoulou is a self-taught artist living in South Africa, who creates imaginary architectural spaces using 3D software, which he then posts on his successful Instagram account @teaaalexis. Fascinated by the world of video games and 3D graphics, this former advertising copywriter lamented these images’ lack of aesthetics. His work creates a subtle blend between digital art and his phantasmagorical obsessions.

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