Bemberg's new bio-utility fibre

A high-performance, eco-friendly textile material derived from cotton? This is the new innovation from Bemberg, who will present this bold fabric at the next edition of Italy’s Pitti Uomo event.

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Plaxtil: when textiles become eco-friendly plastics

The textile industry is the second most polluting in the world. On the basis of this alarming assessment, two manufacturers from Châtelleraudais have developed a revolutionary process for turning used textiles into “Plaxtil”, a composite material that can replace plastic.

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Sun Lee's paper clothing

Inherited from Korean tradition, Sun Lee’s paper clothing collection surprisingly pushes back the boundaries of the ready-to-wear industry in terms of sustainable development.

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New textiles that change shape thanks to body heat

A robotic textile sensitive to our body temperature? This is the revolutionary new invention in the field of wearable technology just achieved by the Design of Active Materials and Structures Lab and Wearable Technology Lab, according to a study published by Advanced Materials Technologies.

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