August 12 2021 - By Promostyl

A Pool Like Jewelry Store From The 60’s

The Italian jewelry brand Gavello has decided to build a brand new store in Mykonos, Greece with an unusual design. Architects from the Athenian studio : SAINT OF ATHENS and the brand developed a creative design of a jewelry store within a 1960’s swimming pool. They named the new store: Gavello Nel Blu (in the blue).

As you enter the shop, you get the impression that you are swimming in an empty pool. The walls and floors are made of light blue tiles, and a ladder and beach balls stamped with the brand's logo decorate this soothing world. There are also lockers to store your things and red and white striped cushions. The architects have also included other accessories such as mirrors, display cases, and display cones for an even greater vacation feel! Innovative, isn’t it?

The jewelry is displayed on a rectangular table in the center of the store as well as inside four niches embedded into the blue tiled walls. The jewelry is lit by 2 linear LED strips. The goal behind the design of this store was to show that with a few square meters, you can create a surreal and innovative space while still representing the image of a brand. That you can create a store in which you want to enter into.