May 19th, 2022 – By Promostyl


The Taiwanese group, Camangi, is developing a new textile technology based on bionics. Scientists are proposing a new generation of bionic fibers derived from the natural environment to produce environmentally friendly fibers. They found the solution in fish scales and particularly in the amino acids of the marine collagen peptide. Tilapia is the perfect candidate for this innovation, since its scales are extremely rich in collagen, and its preservation is not endangered.

AA textile
AA textile

First, collagen is extracted from Tilapia and then conditioned in powder form. At the same time, cellulose is extracted from woods such as spruce. The two elements are then mixed. The material is spun following a wet extrusion process.

AA textile
Greeny bird dress

Urmorfil Beauty Fiber integrates this technology to create its range of yarn with eco-responsible properties. These fibers are biodegradable, thermoregulatory, offer a soft touch ideal for sensitive skin, odor control, certified halal, and also an anti-UV protection. Its applications are numerous: bed linen, underwear, activewear, an immense field of possibilities for a trendy eco-responsible technology.

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