November 11th 2021 – By Promostyl

The Two-Toned Trend for Winter 21/22

Why should we be forced to choose between two colors when we go shopping, when we can choose one AND the other? This winter, you'll be able to wear two-toned clothing like black and beige, red and black, or dark and light. Two-toned clothing is the new trend that we are seeing among influencers right now! « Two-tone » is two colors contrasted on the same garment or an accessory such as a handbag or shoes. In addition to the colors, « two-tone » allows you to play with materials like leather and velvet, cotton and pvc, or linen and leather.


The two essential two-toned clothing pieces to have in your wardrobe are: jeans and a coat! For the jeans, we opt-in for a leg lighter than the other. For example, one leg in white jeans and the other in darker jeans. You can also find jeans with classic denim in the front and a darker color in the back, or jeans with a darker color on the front and inside of the legs, with a lighter color on the outside of the legs. If you want to wear an even more stylish look, you can put on two-toned jeans where pockets or pieces of raw and faded denim are sewn on each leg.


For a chic and fashionable look, the two-toned coat is the piece to wear! Whether it's a trench, blazer, jacket or coat, you're sure to find something to your liking. Try a two-toned leather jacket with one side in beige and the other in black, or a coat with half of the top in one color and the other half in another. You can also dare to wear a trench coat that has a big band of color in the middle where the buttons areas well as under the arms, while the rest of the trench coat is in another color.