November 10th  2022 – By Promostyl


As the world opened back up, so did our creative minds, giving giving birth to yet another trend celebrating getting our freedom and inspiration back : The Techno Siren.

GCDS (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
Theophilio (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Why does it work ? Well, just like with most of the new trends, it is based on escape. Sirens are after all, mythical creatures (for most people) and reference adventure, reverie and innocence ; all thing’s humanity is desperately craving at the moment ! People don’t want realistic anymore as reality has become unbearable. We therefore now look t the illusory to find a semblance of joy and relief.

MARCO RAMBALDI (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
BLUMARINE (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

How does it work ? Like we said, this trend relies on the imaginary and so the silhouettes appear as fashionable sea enchantresses heading to the club, the beach, a shopping spree or some lavish event.

Mix seashells, starfish and scales like fabric work with your classic or reworked pieces and you’re good to go ! Wether they are painted in silver, jewellery sewn into a net, knitted, painted… those elements give the obvious basis to the trend and – while it is a bit on the nose – are exactly what gives it it’s creative and fun component.

We also recommend going for flowy straight lines that imitate the movement of swimming mermaids – or in our case strutting mermaids – giving you a nonchalant, effortless but cool & unique appearance everyone will soon die to copy !

Casablanca (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
David Korma (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Because it is so new and experimental, the trend’s pretty much opened to everyone and anyone who wants to give it a go ! If it is still very new and everything about it doesn’t seem very for now, the Techno Siren seems quite promising for the Spring/Summer seasons to come !