Presented during a conference at Première Vision Paris SS21, legendary Leavers lace, an exceptional blend of art and craftsmanship with centuries-old heritage, has gradually given way to industrial lace that has finally got the upper hand. Unless new textile opportunities offer it an unexpected future.

An emblem of textile craftsmanship…

Production time reduced to a minimum, a frenzied pace and above all increased quantities: the ready-to-wear industry has little by little turned into an intense production-oriented machine, gradually setting aside delicately produced precious textiles such as Leavers lace.

Meeting specific technical demands, its production generally proves to be long, costly and fastidious, especially with regard to positioning the pattern. Synonymous with traditional know-how, lace also evokes a classic view of clothing and the style it exudes, moving away from contemporary manufacturing channels.

… with a host of promises.

Sophisticated and innovative, it has nonetheless continued to contribute to the stylistic renewal of fashion and luxury, its heritage origins having always been a profound source of inspiration for designers. These include Olivier Theyskens, who highlighted in a conference held at the Première Vision textile trade show how much Leavers lace has been the subject of a constant back-and-forth in Western trends, able both to fall into disuse and become highly desirable. The latest meteoric rise? This historic lace was boosted thanks to Alexander McQueen’s collections, some of whose looks willingly shelled out for this technically produced fabric.

To reconcile it with the ready-to-wear industry, some experts recommend exploring the rich array of possibilities that Leavers lace offers, from conceivable colours through how it feels to the touch to the looms used. In short, meeting this challenge and giving this heritage item a new, modern dynamic.

To discover the Levers laces, you can check the French Federation of Lace and Embroidery website :