November 3rd  2022 – By Promostyl


What started off as a pretty brilliant album evolved as a full on aesthetic and quite persistent & surprisingly evolutive trend ! The biker trend is indeed here to stay and brands, celebrities & influencers are coming up with all sorts of ways to make it their own.

Rosalia (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Let’s start with the classic Biker Leather Jacket. The plays on volume, shape and the amount of detailing are countless ! Some stuck to the traditional rider piece with the thick leather and broad shoulders, preserving the protective function of the jacket. Others chose to adapt the trend to their house by reducing, moving or adding details ; creating hybrids between the original piece and other outerwear garments.

Balenciaga (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
MAISON ULLENS (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
Saint Laurent (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

It obviously isn’t enough to reduce the trend to that one piece in the rider aesthetic attire so brands have decided to include racing crews’ bodysuits and protective trousers baring classic utilitarian fabric and detailing.

STELLA MCCARTNEY (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
ANNAKIKI (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Then comes the Creative Biker. This specific biker’s still very cool and rebellious but needs to stand out in the crowd and showcase their capacity to rock hyper realistic biker looks with prints and fabrics manipulations referencing the aesthetic.

Chloé (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
Louis Vuitton (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)

Finally, the latest addition has been the Western Biker, which if you really think about it, isn’t that surprising. After all, a bike’s basically the modern day horse, right ? From cowboy boots to extremely washed denim with corseted finishing (that KNWLS jacket is seriously genius) to fringe like blocks of flowing leather for a full look ; this might just be the coolest turn on the trend yet as it assembles two widely unruly figures in both the fictional and real worlds.

@dominikauznanska (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
KNWLS (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)
Diesel (Sélectionnée par Promostyl)