April 28th 2022 – By Promostyl


An interesting effect of the pandemic on the fashion sphere, was the reinforcement of the link between this usually beauty & excellence focused industry and ecological issues. While we still want to look great and expose our identity to the world through clothing, we also wish to do so with a clear conscious and with the feeling that we contribute to the safety of our planet. That’s how what we like to call Stylish Monks were born over the past two years.

Sean Suen
Story MFG

Direct decedent of the Neo Hippie, this “new species” on the fashion scene has a new found appreciation for nature and eco friendly and unmodified fabrics. Their boxy, ultra comfortable fits will usually made out of organic cotton, linen or even hemp. Far from avant-garde fashion, the Stylish Monk enjoys classic shapes but elongates them or makes them more voluminous, therefore allowing a lot of facilitated movement and complete comfort. This choice of shapes also descends from a need to emphasize how less is truly more. After all, they’re wearing a simple shirt or classic large high wasted trousers and yet, you’d do anything to be in the exact same fit because it is both elegant AND comfy. Moreover, the complete their environmental mission as those same pieces they invest in are qualitative, they’ll last a very long time because of their composition.


Accessories are widely based on a slow way of life too with a clear nod to artisanal craftsmanship and references to activities such as gardening and meditation.

If you too are seeking for a little cleansing of the soul but still want to look good doing it, become a Stylish Monk today!

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