September 9th 2021 – By Promostyl

Tie And Dye, A Trend We love !

Tie and dye, the trend of dyed clothes in several different colors, has been back in fashion for several months now. But do you know where this trend comes from? Tie and dye clothes originate from the United States, more specifically from California from the 60s and 70s. Its creation process is very simple and consists of knotting (to tie) and dipping (to dye) fabrics in dye to create irregular stains. Californians started creating this style of clothing in their bathtubs or sinks to keep kids and teenagers busy.


For a light and summer feel, or if you want to add a hippie touch to your outfit, opt in for a tie and dye piece. Even the most luxurious brands like Christian Dior or Acne Studios have integrated this trend in their 2021 collection!


This year, you can wear this print in many different ways, for example: on an oversized flashy t-shirt with black or white skinny jeans. Dare to wear a washed denim jacket over a little white dress and finish your outfit off with sneakers. You can also wear a pastel tie and dye dress or jumpsuit. Don't hesitate to create a total look if you're a fan of silhouettes that don't go unnoticed. If you want to wear tie andye in a more sober way, grab an accessory like a scarf, a bob or a mini handbag. ‘’WOW’’ effect guaranteed!