07 July 2022 – By Promostyl


Conscious consumerism is on the rise, and cruelty-free sustainable fabrics are becoming increasingly trendy. But while there are plenty of alternatives for leather, there remains a lack of innovation relating to other animal-based textiles. Spiber, a Japanese biotech stratup, found the solution by creating Brewed Protein using a fermentation process.

Spiber Fiber
Spiber Fiber

The Japanese start-up is using microbial fermentation to create new polymers to replace all types of animal fabrics. In its manufacturing process, Spiber uses agricultural waste as a raw material, transforming the waste into fermented polymers. First, the genes are synthesized, introduced into microorganisms, then the proteins are separated and dried to produce a powder, and finally the powder is transformed into fiber. Brewed Protein is available in a range of products from yarn to leather to faux fur and fleece. This sustainable and ethical material is used in various industries such as apparel, transportation, construction, artificial hair and medical devices. It can also be used to replace existing fossil fuel and plastic-based synthetic fabrics.

Spiber Denim
Spiber Knit

In order to demonstrate this concept, Spiber has already produced brewed materials for the realization of projects in collaboration with many brands. Spiber has collaborated with Pangaia on a hoodie, Yuima Nakazato's couture collections and The North Face's moon parka, all featuring Brewed Protein fiber.

Spiber Sweat à capuche Pangaia
Spiber Parka Lune The North Face

Brewed Protein, transparent, traceable, and responsable is certainly the fiber of tomorrow.