June 15, 2022 - By Promostyl


After 5 years of research and development, the American start-up Modern Meadow has created Zoa, a bio-printed leather. Modern Meadow, a team of bio-manufacturing pioneers and protein experts, is rooted in sustainability principles that focus on current environmental issues.

Image 1 Bio-Leather
Image 2 Modern Meadow
Modern Meadow

To create its leather, the startup first isolates base pairs of DNA, modifies them to tell the yeast cells to create the type and amount of collagen needed. The researchers will then inject the modified DNA into the yeast cells, which will then multiply. The collagen they produce is then grouped into molecules. These form a network of fibers that come together to create the material. It is then cleaned and tanned to obtain a quality leather. With this method, the material can be of any density and fit any design.

Image 3 Usbek & Rica fermentation
Usbek & Rica fermentation

For the exhibition "Items : Is Fashion Modern ?" at MoMa, the start-up made a t-shirt made of a blend of cotton and this liquid leather.

Image 4 Le boudoir numérique
Le boudoir numérique
Image 5 Usbek & Rica
Usbek & Rica

Zoa is a sustainable production process and a material with customizable properties. Thickness, stretch and color can be modified to cater to specific needs. This bio-manufactured leather is leaner than traditional leather, with a faster and cleaner manufacturing process. It could become a solution to contend the way animals are treated and reduce the rate of slaughter.