07 July 2022 – By Promostyl

Y2k Renaissance : The unshakable trend

Vintage has always been one of THE big macro trends in Fashion. That being said, the eras usually wouldn’t stick for long or not come back at all (sorry late 1800s and 1910s, we’re just not that into you) but that was until the Gen Z got a hold of the 2000s !


First things firs, let’s have a little reminder on the trend’s origin. With TikTok’s booming popularity during the pandemic, many movements have emerged on the platform, too. One of the main fashion trends to pop up? Y2K style. Gen Z and Millennials have taken over this recognisable style, which nods to the noughties. From late 1990s crop tops to early 2000s low rise jeans, the wardrobe mainstays worn two decades ago are making a comeback with younger generations embracing their childhood references. We haven’t been able to shake it ever since ! Fashion houses quickly took notice and have been adapting it to their brands and targets as we are about to demonstrate using the Promostyl method.


TECHNOLOGY – Future oriented clientele


Futuristic Y2k is sculptural and experimental while following the basic shapes of this era such as the low rise jeans, tracksuit ensemble or baggy silhouette in menswear. All of that is then maximised with wide shoulder, detailing reminiscing of advanced technology and a colour palette that takes you somewhere between hyperspace and the metaverse.


COUNTER CULTURE – Masters of trends


As mentioned earlier the trend was born from GenZ a, generation that is highly creative, expressive and unafraid to stand out. After all the beginning of the millennium was loud and glittery so why should its evolution be any different ? That’s the point made by the Counter Culture clientele as they fully commit to bring every little detail of the trend’s origin back only louder ! And if the Y Project maxi dragon shirt below isn’t proof enough, just take a look at the tv show Euphoria.

Y Project

ELITIST – Subtle and Luxurious


As luxury as become a little more subtle and made to last over the years, its take on Y2k follows the same pattern. It is more of an homage and all happens through styling and high hand fabrics than insure durability in your clothes.


NATURE – Responsible vintage


Upcycle, repurpose, organic and cruelty free fabric… the Nature oriented Y2k wearer and designers share the rest of the industry’s nostalgia but still want to think of the future of the planet while they jump on the trend. This wearer also enjoys living outdoor which is emphasized through trekking detailing in the garments.

Reese Cooper
Marine Serre

The beginning of the 2000s came with a lot of uncertainty and today, we see ourselves in similar times with a future that seems all but certain. GenZ found comfort in what they already know and what feels familiar, hence a throwback to styles that they can actually remember and why this trend keeps gaining in popularity.