May 20th, 2021 – By Promostyl

X SELECT Store by Jiyi Space Design

X SELECT is one of the many stores of Xinsely, a high-end brand wholesale company. Based in  Chengdu, China, in one of the city's high-end shopping malls, the store chosen by the Chinese  brand offers 260 square meters of space. To do so, Xinsely called upon the local architectural firm  Jiyi Space Design, in order to create a setting adapted to the range of products chosen. 

Presenting first of all a sober interior design, the decoration is embellished with iridescent steel  volume, covering some walls, floor and furniture. Geometrically shaped, no element of the decor  leaves room for rounding, giving a strict and linear side.

In bronze tones, the colors warm up this  rigorous atmosphere, and allow the visitors to appreciate the products placed on both sides of the  store, leaving a space of freedom in the center. Like an exhibition, this retail space is designed to  stroll and marvel, welcoming customers in a futuristic street atmosphere.