July 01st, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Workingmenblues, original and high quality textiles

Founded in Amsterdam in 2014, Workingmenblues is a textile supplier, producing its fabrics with Chinese know-how and technology, in Hangzhou, and European design and creation. With this mix of cultures, WMB offers original, colourful fabrics made with the latest technology.

The fabrics are created in their own workshop in Amsterdam and are made with the greatest care in their Chinese workshop. Also offering original pieces for certain brands, WMB never stops reinventing itself every day, giving free rein to its creativity and know-how.

Specialising more precisely in outdoor products, which represent 65% of their clothing activity, as opposed to 35% for lightly woven ready-to-wear, their collections feature fabrics with technical and innovative qualities. Colours, prints, glitters and sequins, Workingmenblues is revolutionising outdoor textiles, giving them the quirky and jovial side they were missing.