April 22nd, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

A creative center for Vans in Shanghai

After opening its first store on the Asian continent in 2008, the Californian brand has decided to expand its presence by opening a creative center in Shanghai. It is a 220 square meter space designed by Coordination Asia that Vans will use for its retail sales, but also for art exhibitions and concerts. This retail and exhibition space is intended to actively engage consumers and encourage young designers to come together.

Specializing in streetwear and skateboarding, the brand has decorated its interior in a street art, pop music and skateboarding universe. Immersing visitors in the brand's culture, the store has two entrances reminiscent of the two sides "A" and "B" of a vinyl record.

Built in concrete, the entrance facing the street gives an urban atmosphere, while the one facing the TX Huaihai shopping mall, adopts a minimalist look in plywood. Inside, wood and concrete structures mix in gray and beige tones, with a few touches of black on the shelves and wall inscriptions. A new store that turns into an urban cultural center, allowing social mixing and sharing.