Customized Trend Book

Your customized trend book

Our customized trend book service allows us to bring an outside eye into your work that is done internally by your teams and we bring in our recommendations so that your future collections can be optimized.

After studying your work, we offer you 3 reports :


1) A Color Range Analysis

2) Checking the balance of your collection: the quality of your models, the number of color variations, etc...

3) A proposal of must-haves and strong points in correspondence to your brand.


We analyze your color range and develop recommendations based on the relevance and harmonies of your color range according to your identity and your target.


We analyze the balance of your collection plan as a whole and give you our recommendations on the: quantity and quality of your models, number of color variations, and balance between high and low pieces. Many areas are studied so that it leads us to share with you our identification of your future big hits.


In harmony with your brand’s DNA, we offer you the must-haves of the season and we select 3 strong points for you that you can’t go without in your next collection.