April 29th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Sneaker District in Amsterdam gets a makeover

In the sneaker world, you have to be impeccable. With their presence on social networks, brands  and streetwear retailers have to be excellent in their shopping experience, to make the link they  already have with their customers virtually last. That's why the retailer Sneakers District in  Amsterdam has decided to redo its store, which was blocked in the past.

It is thus an urban  universe, block of concrete and wood that the customers are welcomed. Led structures of all  colors are hung on the wall, stairs in raw sheet metal and plants placed everywhere in the  concrete structures.

A universe mixing urbanization and nature, with a touch of technology in the  installations: the sneakers are placed on racks that rotate up and down to allow the customer to  select the pairs he is interested in, without having to climb a ladder or ask for help from the  salesmen. A brand new shopping experience that meets the challenges of social networking.