June 03rd, 2021 – By Promostyl

What accessories to shine this summer ?

Summer is almost here, the sun and the heat are coming, so let's equip ourselves with our most  beautiful accessories to celebrate blue skies and holidays as they should be! For the bag, the  eternal return of the straw and wood bag. Find it in all sizes, even if this year, it's the little mini  that's in the lead. In a rigid format like a minaudiere or a supple tote bag, it will underline an outfit  with the natural-sophisticated side that we love.

This year's newcomer is also the net bag, like our grandmothers' or great-grandmothers' shopping bag. In all colours, with leather handles or as a shoulder bag, this vintage bag will be your all-purpose ally. As far as shoes are concerned, the scandalous square toe and pointed toe are the real stars. Small heels or high heels, these  comfortable and simple scandals will dress you up for any occasion.

Scratch and buckle shoes  made a timid appearance last summer, but this year they are becoming almost a must-have. To  take us back to our childhood at the beach, nothing better than these scandals to break up an  overdressed outfit. Finally, opt for a beautiful straw hat or a linen cap, decorated with a scarf or  fake flowers, nothing better to revive an outfit and play the originality card. This summer, opt for  colourful, flashy, pastel and printed accessories, the big trend this year. So, are you ready?