April 15th, 2021 – By Promostyl

When the homewear becomes street wear with slippers

This last year, we all have to stayat home. The home wear fashionblew up the counters, the big brands, from the fastfashion to the luxury, expandedtheirdepartment of jogging suits and slippers, exchanging the working wear for a casual and comfortable look.

After the bigappearance of the sock flip-flop a few yearsago, for its impeccable comfort and its sport and camping style, its the turn of the slipper to breaking the codes thisyear. Pleasant and comfortable, thosebooties are soldnowadaysateveryprices, everycolors, and everyforms.

All purpose, this new fashionisnowadopted in the street, from the simple stroll to gethisbread or walkhis dog as to go to the office or go out on the weekend for a walkwithgirlfriends. Worneitherwith a jogging suit or with a dress or pair of jeans and a blazer, slippers are not only part of a home wear style, but now the latest trend to adopt to betrendy.