July 08th, 2021 – By Promostyl

Nova Fides: eco-responsible fabrics

Founded in 1967, Nova Fides Textiles is located in the heart of the fabric district of the Prato, in Italy. Developed in the midst of the Italian textile industry's expansion, Nova Fides quickly became a reference among textile suppliers, paying attention to all phases of production of their fabrics. 

The textile supplier has enjoyed great success on the international market and continues to do what it has done since day one: recycled textiles. Developing over the years, Nova Fides offers you in all their collections textiles that are both innovative and respectful of the planet. 

Ecoresponsible, recyclable or even without chemicals and without dyeing, the proposed textiles are comfortable, original, and their production perfectly in the air of time. As a family business, today's managers, descendants of the creators, have been able to perpetuate the family's textile tradition by adopting a business model that is both contemporary and sustainable, from both an environmental and social point of view.