September 02nd, 2021 – By Promostyl

Children's fashion, it's back to school!

The beginning of a new school year starts, and it's time to get out their best outfits to celebrate this new step. A little too much seen or a little too cliché.... Nevertheless, the "back to school" and "little schoolboy" style comes back every year, and always stronger than ever.

Choose the uniform trend, with pants, skirt, dress or apron in tartan, accompanied by his white shirt, to spend an elegant but childish back to school. Or you may prefer to add some color to brighten up and entertain our little ones, while keeping a wise look for this back to school season.

The vintage-chic trend also invites itself in their dressings, so don't hesitate to bring out your old school uniforms and revisit them for your children. This may give them more confidence for these first days always intimidating, they will have a part of their parents with them! In any case, in jeans, sneakers, uniform, derby or color, your kids will be comfortable with this year's trends, to start the year off right!