February 22 - By Promostyl

Max Mara takes on Roblox!

Now it's Max Mara's turn to give you the opportunity to discover the brand in an immersive way. The brand launches on Roblox under the name "Max Mara Coats Adventure", an excellent way to discover this Italian brand in all its glory.


The Italian brand proposes to represent three virtual worlds. First, we have Pattern Lab, a sewing workshop where players can use their creativity and intelligence to solve puzzles in order to make their clothes.

Then there's Color Parkour, a colorful world where the aim is to bring together all the spheres of color to be found in the brand's palettes.


And finally, the last world is called The WunderKammer, a "labyrinth of wonders", a world where players will have to use their cunning to venture into this world, where they will have to assemble or reassemble parts of fantastic animals called "daimons", these animals accompany players throughout the game. WunderKammer is in collaboration with Atelier dell' Errore.

Max Mara Coats Adventure" was born in Milan, at the We Are Muesli studio, but also thanks to the Anglo-American studio Poptropica LTD, which specializes in the Roblox universe.


The game has a strong educational focus, with the Teddy Bears guiding players through the various worlds. A Max Mara concept without Teddy Bears is obviously impossible, as the Teddy Bear is a flagship element of the brand and echoes the famous Max Mara coat: Teddy Bear Icon Coat.


In our Women's Book for the spring-summer 2024 seasons, the subject of digital is addressed. Indeed, technology and the digital age are taking on a considerable role in fashion. As mentioned above, this passage evokes the dimension between the real and the virtual that is felt in brands and their creations. The use of 3D and digital technology is becoming more and more important, and is increasingly reflected in our designers' creations.


"Let's say that the game becomes a bridge, a tool for dialogue with a generation that, in this part of its life, is certainly close to gaming, as well as a learning system. " Luigi Maramotti, President, Max Mara Fashion Group

An educational and cultural game that will teach you more about the Italian brand. A fun way to discover more about the history of our Italian brand.