The first edition of MATTER and SHAPE showcased contemporary design through a prestigious selection of brands, partners and visitors during Paris Fashion Week.

Matter and Shape WSN

MATTER and SHAPE, a new design fair in Paris initiated by Matthieu Pinet of WSN under the artistic direction of Dan Thawley, presented its first edition from March 1 to 4 in an ephemeral space at the Jardin des Tuileries. Highlighting the fields of architecture, design and fashion, the show welcomed more than 8,000 visitors over four days, offering the public an unprecedented panorama of perspectives, excellence and innovation in the world of design.

MATTER and SHAPE was held in the heart of Paris, close to the Premiere Classe trade show, and presented an exclusive range of brands. The event attracted numerous customers from department stores, multi-brand boutiques and international fashion houses. A prestigious list of architects, designers, institutions, museums and galleries also took part in the event, which attracted considerable interest from the fashion and design press.


For the show’s inaugural edition, Los Angeles-based architect and designer Willo Perron of Perron Roettinger Studio designed a calm, luminous space housing an intimate selection of world-renowned exhibitors, with a central café, bookshop and design boutique, as well as an ephemeral restaurant. The layout of the space combined elegance and functionality, creating an ideal backdrop for the various exhibits, thanks to a blend of artificial and natural light. British brand Perfumer H took part in this edition as MATTER and SHAPE’s fragrance partner. The common areas and the boutique were embalmed with captivating scents created by Lyn Harris to enhance the overall sensory experience of the public.

Matter and Shape WSN

To add a gastronomic dimension to the show, Paris-based culinary studio WE ARE ONA opened an ephemeral restaurant, which sold out thanks to Armenian-American chef Pierce Abernathy and the decor designed by Willo Perron and Berlin florist Studio Lilo. To ensure an intimate dining experience, WE ARE ONA served dinner and lunch for 96 guests, who had reserved their tables weeks in advance.

Proof of the diversity of voices present at MATTER and SHAPE, exhibitors showcased a range of contemporary design expressions, allowing craft and commerce to coexist in a spirit of heightened creativity.