March 04th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Maison Bellandi and its precious Italian fibers


Paolo Bellandi, the founder, producing the finest woolen fabrics for coats since 1967. Today Bellandi still offer a beautiful and wide range of fabrics such as wool meltons, velours and doubles, as well as all of the new and higher-end luxury blends including camel hair, alpaca, mohair and cashmere

Bellandi Ecowool is our very straightforward, enviromentally-sustainable. Fabrics that come with this label originate from old rags that give birth to new fibres and bring new exciting fabrics to life while also saving on water and the larger-than-needed use of any additional chemicals.

The lifestyle brand which offers an eclectic range of jerseys and woven. Launched back in 2001. it is now a cutting-edge label for its sense of style with a modern contemporary twist. PROMOSTYL is highlighting this line in our new Women trend book AW22/23.