Ever heard of La Dolce Vita? Then bring that Italian touch to your space with ceramics straight from Italy!

Why not bring Italy into your home? That's what Elise Tissot has done, a French designer who has literally fallen in love with Italy!


She created this brand in 2019 in Rome after discovering the local crafts and all the ceramic workshops, it was through these friends who were looking for pretty Italian pieces that the brand was created. Italian inspiration from the 60s added to a little creativity gives us Popolo.

This e-shop offers you colorful objects in bright colors: green, yellow, blue and red. Indeed, Italian colors are not left out, and attention is also paid to the original shapes of the objects on offer, such as these carafes in the shape of a fish or a rooster. Whether plates, cutlery or vases, there's something for every taste!

A detail not to be overlooked: handmade ceramics! In Italy, ceramics is one of the most important materials, and on the Amalfi coast we can find Vietri Sul Mare, which stands out from other towns with its strong presence of ceramics: plates, inlaid tiles or house numbers, ceramics has made its mark.



It's used absolutely everywhere, in homes and streets alike, and in all colors. It's all done by hand, first by pinching, pulling and rolling the clay, then by dipping it in a first bath of white matte enamel, which is then decorated with motifs as seen in these photos, and finally by heating it to 1000 degrees.


But why Popolo? It's said to come from the famous Piazza Del Popolo, meaning "People's Square", but it's more likely to refer to the fact that poplars surround the oval piazza. The square was designed between 1811 and 1822 to welcome new travelers and pilgrims entering Rome from the Via Flaminia to the north. And what if "Popolo" was the term used by Elise Tissot to echo and maintain this spirit of welcome? On the one hand, for her site, which welcomes many visitors every day, and through which we are invited to discover Italian ceramics.

A brand created in Italy with Italian craftsmen and offering you the Italian way of life, drinking your tea from a cup that smells of Italy, pushing yourself to eat spaghetti bolognese just to use a magnificent ceramic plate with motifs worthy of the country. And then to have Italian tableware that's also handmade - how classy is that?