April 28th, 2022 – By Promostyl

U stores are launching a linen collection made in France

In exclusive collaboration with “Façon de Faire” association, reuniting nearly 120 fabric manufacturers and clothing workshops in the region, the U Stores are launching their first U linen textile collection made in France, the collection will be available in stores this summer. Linen, which is on the rise at the moment, is also an ecological material since it requires little water and the entire plant is used. France is the largest flax producer with more than 80% of world production, with more than 160,000 tons of flax produced. The culture is mainly concentrated in Normandy and in the Hauts de France for climatic reasons.

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The industry creates more than 1,300 jobs, including 6,500 linen farmers, with all the manufacturing processes including scutching and combing, So Linen is patriotic. Already on the strength of a first collaboration with "Façon de Faire" which will be released soon, the U group has renewed its confidence in the association for a second alliance. This linen-only collection uses sixteen different French companies to make it.

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All the stages are national, from the cultivation of flax in Normandy to the assembly of each piece, including spinning and weaving. In order to guarantee total transparency and to allow recognition of the craftsmanship, the U group had the idea of ​​integrating a QR code for each garment to ensure complete traceability. The collection includes 11 models available in different sizes and colors around the theme of travel and nature.