August 19th 2021 – By Promostyl

Smart Fibres, The Future of Textiles?

The textile industry is developing more and more each year. Using the latest technologies to develop better performing fibres and fabrics, suppliers and producers are trying to combine traditional know-how with cutting-edge technology. Offering stronger, more durable products, eliminating rotten fibres for some, and improving comfort, textiles with intelligent fibres continue to impress and develop.

While some textiles are still being researched and prepared, such as the MIT researchers who are developing fibres capable of storing and analysing body data, others are being used and are being put up for sale. In the sports world, we will find fabrics with a thermal signature that change colour when in contact with the skin. We will also see  ultra-resistant fabrics based on spider webs for bullet-proof waistcoats, anti-stain textiles or even waterproof complementary jerseys.

There are so many innovations yet to be discovered. Intelligent textiles are and will continue to improve, with a view on perfecting everyday life and thus the capabilities of our clothing. It remains to be seen whether all these textiles will remain sustainable and eco-friendly over time.