May 27th, 2021 – By Promostyl

The suit,iconic and untimely

A pivotal garment for all collections and all seasons, the suit, democratized for women shortly after the Second World War, is a symbol of feminine freedom and elegance. Present everywhere, in haute couture as well as in fast fashion, worn on all occasions, at work, on a night out or at the restaurant, worn with everything, mis matched, in heels or in trainers, and in all seasons.

Everyone has one and everyone wears one. This timeless piece can be found in all styles, all colors, all materials, accessorised with a bag and original shoes to spice up an overly sober suit, or stay in plain and classic, to enhance our masculine and liberated side.

Don't forget this iconic piece of  your wardrobe and take them out of your wardrobe, vintage suits are the most sought after and  allow you to discover new looks in the era of trends.