November 28 – By Promostyl

The leopard bag is making a comeback

The leopard bag is making a comeback in your wardrobe !


This winter, bring out that wild touch that will make your look glamorous and totally on trend.

During the 1990s, the leopard bag was all the rage in the hands of young women, in fact it was the “must have”.

Kate Moss, décembre 1994. Jim Smeal/Getty Images
Bella Hadid, février 2022. Robino Salvatore

This imposing patterned bag seems difficult to wear, however it was the piece of certain celebrities like Blanca Miró, Jeanne Damas, or even Bella Hadid recently.

Blanca Miró, novembre 2023
Balenciaga SS23
Jeanne Damas, octobre 2023

This bag can be worn elaborately or casually while still looking sexy and refined. Baguette or tote bag, in toupee or fur, the leopard bag adapts to all types of silhouette.

Dolce & Gabbana SS23
Roberto Cavalli, Resort 2023
Givenchy, Resort 2023
Ferragamo FW23