The new Dior “Chez Moi” pop-up in New York


Parisian luxury house Dior has announced the opening of a pop-up boutique in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood dedicated to its "Chez Moi" line, its first loungewear collection.

This boutique echoes our elitist theme and undoubtedly, linked to the lockdown and the resurgence of loungewear. This store is designed in a loft/studio style intended to fit into the SoHo neighborhood in which it is located.

A centerpiece display table highlighting Dior Maison’s Constellation tableware merchandised with small trays, frames and candles and there is a bookcase wrapped in the Chez Moi celestial print that showcases toile de Jouy and zodiac embroidered book totes and vanity cases.

In addition, lining the window are visual displays of Dior Maison Louis XVI-inspired medallion chairs in gray, a favorite color of founder Christian Dior, and a reimagined version of the toile de Jouy, one of the brand’s iconic logos, offered this time in a tropical-inspired patterns in blue and white with palm trees.