March 03rd, 2022 – By Promostyl

DOBERT, industrial craftsmanship 

DOBERT TEXTILE is a Spanish house of the HOLISTEX GROUP established for more than 50 years in Barcelona. The group guarantees customers, thanks to its experience, traceability of production, innovation and creativity which are the strength of the companies in the group. The very essence of DOBERT is to be faithful to its history and to offer collections inspired by the latest trends and the archives of the house. Indeed, the house was founded in 1940 and benefits from more than 75,000 old references which make the richness of DOBERT today.

The company defines itself as a craftsman of its time, a master of innovation and to the service of textiles. DOBERT invests a lot in the creative process and puts in place very detailed mood boards, which explains why the collections are so sought after and fair in terms of colours, texture and design. All stages of production and creation are carefully developed with a study of prototypes and quality and digital development.

Ecology is just as much a part of the stages of production as creation. It is an element thought out and developed from the first inspiration. To choose the most environmentally friendly production method, DOBERT uses renewable and biodegradable fibers. Respect for employees and the environment are always thought along with innovation and technology and really define the way collections are designed.