June 02, 2022 - By Promostyl


Ecopel, a Franco-Chinese manufacturer specializing in faux fur textiles and clothing, is now seeking to go further by developing a range that is more respectful of the environment. Its new matter, Koba, aims to appeal to high-end and luxury brands that have stopped using real fur. Positioned in favor of animal protection, the company is now turning to the sustainability of its materials.

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This eco-friendly faux fur of organic origin is a big step towards the future of sustainable, animal-free fashion. Indeed, Koba is composed of 100% Sorana fibers, creating the first faux fur using bio-based ingredients. This polyester microfiber is made of 37% corn glucose from which the residues are extracted to be diluted in recycled polyester. Ecopel valorizes plant components, which are by-products of the biofuel sector normally unused, by implementing a green fiber from renewable resources. This choice of corn-based composition also results in a 30% reduction in energy and 63% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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These synthetic furs look like real furs and offer the same characteristics and not only aesthetic. Their natural feel is soft, they offer excellent thermal insulation and humidity evacuation as well as quick drying. Moreover, these synthetic furs are ethical, vegan and sustainable. This transition in creating more respectful synthetics makes Koba an excellent example of circularity in fashion.

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