March 17th, 2022 – By Promostyl


The evolution of women’s control over their appearance and body in the patriarchal narrative throughout history, while still being a work in progress in some part of our world, has been quite tremendous. In that sense, it seems logical that the next step would be to get the same work done for men. While it is true that the world has always seemed to play in their favour, as the mentalities evolve, so does the definition of what is to “be a man”.

Acne Studio

This is a narrative that has been explored in the latest Menswear Fashion Week with a clear democratization of men showing as much skin as possible on the runway, a move that is usually much more directed onto the female crowd. How does that happen? Well, if we really want to be historical about it, we can trace it back to the 2000s metrosexual who came out of nowhere and redefined the codes in a minute with his moisturisers, deep v-neck tops and manicures.

In more recent years however, we owe this leap towards the future to the great Queer voices that have taken the fashion world by storm in the past 5 years (designers, stylists, models, actors, singers and activists) as well as the ever-growing acceptance and embrace of femininity by men wether they belong to the previously mentioned community or not.


That’s the beauty of Hot Boy Winter: its versatility. Because this movement is clearly meant to speak to all men around the world, it can go from full on skin-tight exposure to a more subtle yet sensual and engaging look.

S.S Daley