June 03rd, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Ecolife yarns: the brand with eco-responsible yarns  

After more than sixty years of producing textiles with recycled yarns, the textile company Belda Lloréns decided to promote its products under the Ecolife Yarns brand about two years ago. By creating a label that is in tune with the times and eco-responsible, Belda Lloréns quickly established Ecolife as a reference among the best brands in the textile sector.

With its focus on  sustainability and low consumption of water, CO2, energy and plastic, the company has included  its label in the collections of the biggest brands on the market, in all sectors, from H&M to  Balenciaga, via Ikea and Inditex.

With this very promising label, Belda Lloréns wants to change the whole system of design, from the production of the yarns, to the fabrics and even to the final  collection, passing of course by recycling, thus giving several lives to the textiles. Thus, the textile  company is full of projects for the future, starting with the creation of a new label, Ecolife Black Edition for the premium sector, and its participation in numerous international projects, thus inscribing its different labels as a guarantee of recycled, sustainable and high quality products.