July 29th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Kaza Israel Furniture: their new showroom

Located just outside of Tel Aviv, Kaza Israel Furniture, a home decor and furniture shop, is inaugurating its new showroom, designed and created by the Israeli architectural firm Baranowitz& Goldberg.

In a huge space of 1000 square meters, the shop offers a spectacular sales area, with geometric shapes and coloured walls. An intuitive shopping experience, the play of colours brings light and warmth to the space, and gives depth to the walls.

Divided into several sales areas, the coloured walls separate the different worlds of the showroom, and are presented and emphasised with the help of LEDs and latestgeneration light. The colours of the walls allow to dissociate the spaces and to offer a real visual spectacle with the future decorations of Kaza Israel Furniture.