June 02, 2022 - By Promostyl



While many trends have been inspired by our grandparents’ younger days, a new trend has made its way to TikTok celebrating their golden years! The Coastal Grandma is here and gaining its popularity quite easily!


So what exactly is the Coastal Grandma trend? The term was first brought by TikTok star Lex Vicoleta, explaining that beyond fashion the style is to be associated to things such as fresh vegetable from a garden, walks on the beach, chilled wine and cozy interiors. It is originally more of a lifestyle trend than a fashion one but people have slowly built a wardrobe translating it which was inspired by the movie Something’s Gotta Give by Nancy Meyers.

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Now that you understand the origin of the trend, you must be wondering how it works ! We’ve got you covered, here are some of the many ways you can make the trend work for you :

  • Linen garments are quintessential to the coastal grandmother aesthetic. Add practical, on-trend accessories such as a straw hat and a large, chic basket for a look that can take you from morning errands to lunch with your girlfriends to an evening stroll on the beach, all in one fell swoop. Extra points if you drop by the farmers market.


  • Nothing says “a day at the coast” like a striped sweater—even if that day at the coast is really just a state of mind. Throw it over your shoulders alongside a leather crossbody, and you’ve nailed the style to a tee. A breezy linen set makes for a neutral, comfortable, and trendy base layer


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  • A linen jumpsuit is a one-and-done option that’s a perfect piece to throw on for any summer day activities—stroll on the beach included. Minimal effort, maximum cuteness.


  • A true coastal grandma never says no to gingham ! The minimal gingham dress has a retro feel that makes us want to throw it on and wear it every time we leave the house, all summer long. The finishing touch? A trendy pearl accessory that you know your grandma really would love, but only because she has great taste.


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