May 20th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

This summer, the trend is daring

After a year of confinement, we need to start going out and dreaming again. Now that we can finally see the end, it's time to redo our wardrobe for this summer and enjoy life. So this year, we must dare. Dare the colors, dare the prints, dare the oversize and the imposing pieces. The trend is to modernity and originality, dresses with ruffles, crazy prints, flashy colors and crazy  accessories. To celebrate our freedom, and brighten up the daily life on break for so many  months, there is of course for all tastes.

Dare the oversized and eccentric pieces, but keep the  colors sober. Dare the crazy prints, but on classic pieces. Dare the original and original  accessories on sober sets. Or play the card of the total crazy look, the crazy and textured  materials, for your greatest pleasure and those of others.

The trend being greenwashing, and  fashion an eternal restart, take out the accessories and vintage pieces from grandma's closet, and  adapt them to your desires and tastes. The crazy trend is settling and is gradually making a place for itself for several seasons, but it is this year that everything is allowed, we stayed on pause too long.