October 17 - By Promostyl

Adobe unveils an interactive dress that brings fabric to life

Recently, Adobe presented a mind-blowing innovation at the Adobe Max 2023 event in Los Angeles: a smart dress that changes color according to our desires, thanks to connected textiles.


"Fashion no longer has to be static; it can be dynamic and, above all, interactive," said Christine Dierk, research scientist at Adobe and the bearer of this innovative project named Primrose. She was wearing the high-tech dress when she took to the stage at the event. She enthusiastically left the audience in awe of the Primrose project, which enables them to renew their style in an instant.


Indeed, the dress's patterns and animations can be modified in real time thanks to flexible, non-woven connected textiles. The front of the dress is made up of hundreds of flexible screens, allowing designers to change the look of the dress as they wish. All this is possible thanks to Adobe engineers, who have created a variety of content for Adobe Firefly, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Stock and Adobe Illustrator.

"To change my appearance, I just press a button, but the dress is also equipped with motion sensors. If I move, it has to change pattern," says Christine Dierk.

This project is the fruit of several years' work.

By using "reflective light scattering modules" to create flexible, non-emissive display systems, the dress is able to display unique patterns on demand. The system developed by Adobe uses polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC), an electroactive substance often used in smart window technology. They have the advantage of low energy consumption and are capable of diffusing light dynamically.

Ce procédé peut être décliné pour afficher du contenu interactif non seulement aux vêtements, mais également aux meubles et à d’autres surfaces pour débloquer des possibilités de style infinies, comme la possibilité de télécharger et de porter le dernier design d’un designer préféré.

This project offers a glimpse of a future where clothing becomes more than just a functional garment. The interactive dress represents a harmonious blend of technology and fashion, where the boundaries between the two are blurred.

This opens up incredible possibilities for personal expression and artistic creativity through clothing.

Adobe has demonstrated the potential of interactive clothing. As technology continues to advance, we can expect exciting new developments in wearable technology and fashion design.