Pure London launches Pure Edge & Purely Sustainable 

Delving further into green issues, Sebastien Renault and Malaika Ewande from Pure London’s trend agency partner Promostyl took the audience on a comprehensive journey through the nuances and challenges of ethical fashion. The insightful discussion went from eco-sociological factors of garment manufacturing, inclusivity, diversity, gender, and body positivity. They focused on Gen Z and their drive for authenticity in all areas of ethical fashion in the digital age. Renault said, “Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term that encompasses many factors including, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, conscious fashion, and healthy fashion promoting body positivity, gender, and diversity.”

“Being an ethical brand involves transparency, scrutiny, accountability, and actionable change. Brands must be informative, including transparency in production, fabrics, and other socio-economic factors,” he added.

Purely Sustainable has been launched to help the fashion community navigate this growing priority, push for progress, and support the industry in its sustainability journey. Rather than tell brands and retailers how to be sustainable, Purely Sustainable will support them on their individual journeys, recognising that the shift to sustainability is not an easy one, but with many challenges. Progress is achieved in different ways and at different paces for each business, however every brand has a responsibility to create change through collaboration and community, and Purely Sustainable is driving this progress.

Firmly rooted in inclusivity and diversity and offering innovative, creative collections, Pure Edge launches at the UK’s leading trade fashion buying event, Pure London, in February 2023. Standing firmly left of centre, exhibitors will be independent, unapologetic, and diverse, and proudly embrace difference in all its glory and offer bold collections that make a statement, embrace inclusivity, and demand zero-judgement.

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