Our selection of shoes made in France from recycled, eco-friendly materials

In line with the trend for recycled and eco-friendly materials presented in our Sport SS22 and Kids SS22 Books, particularly our article on this blog dedicated to Seaqual, the extraordinary fabric created using waste recovered from the sea, we are now turning our attention to three shoe brands made in France, whose materials give pride of place to upcycling and environmental protection.

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Cordura®’s new Combat Wool fabric

A versatile fabric that offers the look, comfort and feel of 100% merino wool but also boasts in-built durability? This is the feat achieved by Cordura®, presenting its new product, Combat Wool, which is as luxurious as it is environmentally friendly.

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Seaqual joins ECOIBQ, an environmental initiative

Reducing the environmental impact of its production? This is what motivated the firm IBQ Fabrics to form an unprecedented partnership with Seaqual, an eco-friendly initiative determined to put an end to plastic pollution in our oceans.

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New organic fabrics coming soon to our wardrobes

From synthetic leathers made from fruit and vegetable peels to recycled nylon and waste from fishing nets, our rubbish has never been so trendy. Here’s a review of new sustainable fabrics that will soon be seen in our wardrobes.

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