The athleisure trend according to Li-Ning

Known for his athletic prowess, former world gymnastics champion, Li-Ning, today creates sharp collections, inspired by the sporting wardrobe. Away from the beams and floor mats, he adapts the athleisure trend in an energetic and modern way.

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Gimaguas: globetrotting Spanish fashion

Could Spanish fashion be emerging from its shy cocoon to (finally) reveal itself in broad daylight? After Heimat Atlantica, Masscob and Wilhelmina Garcia, it is Gimaquas’ turn to play its cards right.

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The power of nature against odours in cotton textiles: safe, natural and sustainable

A textile additive able to effectively combat nasty odours that sometimes lastingly impregnate our clothes and may even leave a few bacteria behind? This dream has become a reality thanks to the action of the Sanitized Mintactiv additive that – directly incorporated into the cotton fibre – naturally and lastingly controls these undesirable odours. In short, an antimicrobial treatment that owes its impressive effectiveness to its main component: peppermint extract.

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“Seconde Vie”, the 100% ethical collection by Côme

Blood bonds are the strongest, Côme is the undeniable proof. Created in 2014 by brother and sister Clémence and Matthieu Dru, the brand offers up ultra-desirable pieces that are as delicate as they are urban. This summer, Côme launches its first 100% ethical collection, to be snapped up without delay!

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