August 19th 2021 – By Promostyl

Weleda, The Origin of Pharmaceutical Cosmetics

It all began with the young Ita Wegman in the 1880s. Born into a family of Dutch settlers, Ita became interested in cultural and religious healing practices at an early age. Fascinated by alternative medicine, she began studying medicine in Switzerland despite the era in which she lived that was resistant to women's emancipation. She soon wrote books on the holistic knowledge of the human being, then founded her own clinic in 1920, as well as the Internationale Laboratorien & Klinisch Therapeutisches Institut Arlesheim, the future Weleda laboratories.

Together, with the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, their research and work laid the foundations for anthroposophic medicine and pharmacy. They described a human being who was part of nature and had the same genes as the flora and fauna. They came to the conclusion that human care should be derived from the earth and plants. Weleda was then founded in 1920.

Using biodynamic agriculture, the laboratory created its own ranges of organic cosmetics, juices and syrups, and skin care products. Effective, natural, and ecological, Weleda's products soon became indispensable until they reached the international market in 1950. Since then, the brand has continued to sell effective and healthy products for the skin, remaining number one in the pharmaceutical cosmetics market.