Short term forecast – Fall 2018

The elements that will characterize the upcoming Fall 2018 can be described as follow: a Retro brown color without pretention, 90’s influenced streetwear, and a revitalized outdoorsy style. The graphics throughout the collections reflect the idea of movement and nomad iconography, which revolves around skateboarding, trucks and cargos.



– As for the key product, we can expect to see a lot more of highly fitted joggings next season. Indeed, this piece for young aspiring skateboarders suggests a unisex/no-gender spirit, which is a vibe that is currently trending across the whole fashion industry.

– Its key characteristics: fit shaped, worn well-adjusted with a tight end at the ankle level.

– The Nylon x Molleton and matte nylon patch versions are highly present.



– A must have this following season: the Teddy jacket, which can be worn by both the boys and the girls.
– It can be worn over-sized to create a baggy and edgy look, giving a new twist to this emblematic sportwear look. It can either be worn with buttons or with a zipper.
– A good mix: rain coat x color blocks as seen here on a girly Teddy.





Throughout the next season, we can expect to see softer fabrics for their practicality, comfort and their casual look. Essential pieces such as the bomber jacket and the Teddy jacket will be mainly composed of glossy fabrics. Similarly, nylon and vinyl are both fabrics that will constitute our key product, the sweat pants.



A focus on logos, pictography and photoprints are expected to be seen next season in terms of prints & patterns. We’re concentrating here on sensorial applications and shiny holograms. We can also expect to see more neutral shades combined with edgy lines or basic knit.



A must for both men and women on runway shows this season, the belt bag. Used for its utilitarian properties and its unisex look, it’s a must have to complete our proposed look. It can be worn on the waist as a decorative belt or even across the body, just like any other purse. The belt bag knows how to seduce both kids and parents due to its playful and retro cool style.