August 12 2021 - By Promostyl

Martine Cosmetics: Uninhibited Cosmetics

Youtuber and beauty Instagrammer since 2016, Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, known for her "crash test" videos of cosmetic brands, created her own brand in 2018, Martine Cosmetics, in reference to the name she gives to her followers.

Prioritising quality, wearability and ethical manufacturing, the brand offers a wide range of makeup in exotic and daring colours, which appeals to everyone. With its matte lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes, in sexy and crazy colors, Martine Cosmetics products allow for an outstanding, long-lasting make-up that is both original and classic. Gaëlle Garcia is a friend of animals, and she is careful not to have her make-up tested on animals, and to manufacture her products in conditions that are healthy for the manufacturers.

As a youtuber who is honest with her customers and followers, the brand sells its products in packaging with their bold names, illustrated with daring and sexy drawings, in the same lexical field as the products' names. A concept that is uninhibited and original, qualitative and original.