May 05th, 2022 – By Promostyl


Summer has well and truly arrived and the beauty world is buzzing. It’s the time of year when we are out in the sun more than usual. Brands are increasingly vigilant about informing consumers about the importance of protecting their skin.

The importance of sun protection

It is no secret that sunburn and prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays contribute to the acceleration of premature skin ageing. UV rays also have other harmful consequences: marked lines, pigmentation marks, dehydration and then... it's time to come back from holiday. Luckily, thanks to the right products and moderate exposure, it is now possible to enjoy the well-deserved summer sun in complete peace of mind!

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Whether you’re on holiday or not, applying an SPF 30 or even 50 cream to the face is recommended all year round. You must take care of yourself both during and after sun exposure and not just the skin on your face. You must pamper your whole body in order to avoid “crocodile” skin caused by dehydration.

Must-have products for this summer

Plant oils are excellent for maintaining skin firmness and nourishing skin deep down. The Açai Body Oil from Rudolph Care particularly comes to mind. In order to choose these favourites, don't hesitate to discover the perfect selection at Oh My Cream. We are also fans of the Basque brand SeventyOne Percent for its natural products along with its attractive packaging that instantly plunges us into the world of surfers!

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At Clarins, the suncare line has been revamped; thanks to colour codes and numbers, we can easily identify the product we need. The line is colourful, playful and easy to use. 

Children have not been forgotten in the beauty world. We are gladly using the 1,2,3 sun mist from Ouate Paris or La Roche Posay's perfect Anthélios Kids line with a gel, spray mist, etc. that are easy to apply and ideal for kids. 

All you need to spend a great summer protected from UV rays!

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