February 25th, 2021 – By PROMOSTYL

Serum mad: deciphering this beauty trend


Beauty product fans won’t have been able to miss the growing craze for serums. Many brands now offer serums targeted at consumers’ different skin types as well as according to the time of day. Daytime serum, night-time serum, anti-blemish serum, etc. A closer look at this new trend.

These little bottles of concentrated active ingredients seem to fit into new everyday beauty routines and several brands are banking on them to make a name for themselves. This is particularly true of the brand The Ordinary, which has established itself on the market with its multiple serums (composed of acids, vitamins or antioxidants) participating in the quest for beautiful, healthy skin.

The New Zealand brand Antipodes also offers effective serums created from local products and plants. The Hosanna serum is a real favourite: it is anti-ageing, ultra-hydrating, replenishes skin with water and boosts cell renewal thanks to a host of antioxidant ingredients.

Tested and already in our beauty bag: the anti-blemish serum from our favourite French brand: Oh My Cream. In line with their entire range, the brand released its very first serum in early October, which helps to fight inflammation and corrects and prevents blemishes from appearing.